What We Do

We specialize in, and stay up to date on, all grant programs for agricultural producers provided under the USDA umbrella. The agencies we work with include the USDA, FSA, NRCS, BMP, various State governments, and water-management-agencies.

These programs are complicated and time consuming. Producers often do not receive everything that they are eligible for or quit in frustration. We use Producer/applicant-provided information to properly prepare and submit Client applications; navigate the approval process all the way through to payment; and contact each Client when applicable future programs are released. Our Clients receive larger payments, get them faster, and endure less stress.

Our Fee

We are not affiliated with any government entity and work solely for the benefit of our clients. We charge a simple 15% contingency fee and do not get paid unless the Producer does.

We can also help Producers apply for a large range of other disaster relief and cost-share programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help your business. Let us handle the hard part.