Entry into consultation and the founding of Crop Disaster Recovery, LLC.

David and Kim both have significant experience in management positions within the Agriculture Industry, and both held such positions when Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017. The experience they had already earned from their own business was then used to help their employers take advantage of the various relief programs that were released in response to Hurricane Irma.

Kim reversed engineered the payment structure for the Irma Relief Programs, which allowed her to double check estimated payouts quoted by the managing government agencies. They were often incorrect by significant amounts. She was able to ensure that the Program Applications that she oversaw received the correct payout. In one case this resulted in a payment increase of 1000% (10 times).

She discovered that other Producers almost never paid out at the appropriate rates. Often producers did not fill out applications correctly or gave up in frustration. Just as often, managing government agencies did not correctly input data, or did not input data in the way that was most beneficial for the Producers. Most Producers never learned about programs that they were eligible for, thereby missing out. It was at this time that she started helping outside parties prepare proper applications and receive appropriate payments.

Kim took on an increasing number of clients between 2017 and 2020. By that time, the need for a liaison between Producers and Government Agencies had already become obvious. Then, in early 2020, COVID-19 hit and a multitude of new programs were released. Government offices were closed and even more understaffed. Kim and David saw that the need for a liaison had grown to inconceivable degree, which convinced them to Consult full time. Crop Disaster Recovery, LLC, was incorporated shortly thereafter.